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10 Cafes With The Best Coffee In Cambridge

Whether you’re a resident, a visitor, or just passing through, Cambridge offers a delightful selection of cafes and coffee shops catering to all coffee enthusiasts. From cosy hideaways to trendy hangouts, Cambridge is home to some spectacular coffee shops.

This guide suggests ten places with fantastic coffee, a good cafe atmosphere, and delicious food options. Some suggestions are located in the heart of Cambridge, while some are a short cycle away, and a couple are within a 10-minute drive from the town, so there will be something for everyone.

Here is a list of some of Cambridge’s best places to enjoy a cup of coffee:

Homebrew Coffee

21 Victoria Street, Cambridge

Homebrew Coffee is a coffee bar in the heart of Cambridge. This cafe is the place to be if you want quality coffee on the go. Founders Blair and Taylor established Homebrew in 2018. Now, a community and culture surrounding Homebrew, make it stand out as a place to be seen, as it’s always full of people who love coffee.

Homebrew Coffee has established a vibrant and friendly environment, a perfect space to spend time with friends while catching up over coffee. However, the company also appreciates convenience and is the ideal place to swing by when looking for a quick and quality coffee to take away with you.

Red Cherry Roaster

7 Forrest Road, Cambridge

Red Cherry Roasters is a sophisticated coffee bar where you are guaranteed to enjoy every second of your coffee. They pride themselves on producing top-quality coffees made from the freshest and tastiest beans and made with top-quality equipment and coffee machines. Every coffee is guaranteed to be superb.

Red Cherry Roasters is stocked onsite at Cherry Cafe, and if you are impressed with your coffee, they also offer bags of quality beans if you want to continue to drink Red Cherry Roasters coffee at home. You can buy these beans online too.


7 Peake Road, Cambridge

Clementine Cafe is situated within the Amber Garden Centre and is run by award-winning caterers Kim Moodie and Ali Foers. The cafe has an extensive range of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, offering breakfast, lunch, and cabinet food options.

Clementine Cafe is family-friendly, with an outdoor playground and outdoor and indoor seating options. It is located in a beautiful setting and is the perfect spot to share a coffee over a social gathering with friends and family. If you visit Amber Garden Centre, visit this excellent cafe and try their delicious coffee and food.

Cafe Irrestiblue

156 Turkington Road, Monavale, Cambridge

Café Irresistiblue is a 10-minute drive from Cambridge. However, the scenery and views at the cafe are worth every minute and more once you arrive. This cafe is a great place to visit and relax while enjoying organic coffee.

The menu offers an enticing palette of fresh produce and local flavours. Enjoy your coffee and meal while overlooking an organic blueberry orchard stretching out to mountains like Pirongia, Kakapuka, and beyond. The cafe has disability access and is fully licensed.

If you feel like something more than coffee, Cafe Irrestiblue offers blue ale beer and blueberry cider brewed locally at Monavale with blueberries from the orchard outside the cafe.

As well as pints, you can order a blueberry-tasting tray to try these Monavale brews. It is a fun experience and very unique to Cambridge.

Lily Pad Cafe

1234 Kaipaki Road, Cambridge

The Lily Pad is another destination cafe within a 10-minute drive of Cambridge. Picturesque Waikato farmlands surround the cafe.

The Lily Pad boasts enchanting gardens, including a sculpture garden and a charming gift shop showcasing the works of local artists. You can quickly become captivated by the ambience and spend an entire afternoon at this delightful place.

The coffee and food on offer at this establishment are excellent. With a breakfast and lunch menu, cabinet food, and sweet treats. All of this pairs well with the fantastic coffee Lily Pad has.

You can sit inside or outside, depending on your preference. Lilypad is a perfect place to drink well, enjoy a tasty meal, and enjoy the wonderful oasis and space this cafe has created for its customers.

Podium Cafe

601 Maungatautari Road, Cambridge

The Podium Cafe is a stylish modern cafe overlooking Lake Karapiro. The cafe offers quality coffee, food, and service. It is the perfect spot to visit if you find yourself at the River Domain or Lake Karapiro.

The Podium is a perfect spot to grab a coffee or brunch if you are at Karapiro for a regatta or rowing. The cafe is right off the cycle track that connects Cambridge to Kariparo, so it is an accessible destination for a quick cycle from Cambridge.

Windows surround the cafe, so even if you sit inside, you can enjoy the incredible scenery stretching around the Podium Cafe, which consists of gorgeous trees, fields, and the beautiful Lake Kariparo.

Cafe 9

9 Cook Street, Leamington, Cambridge

Next up, we have Cafe 9, which is a cosy, friendly cafe located in Cambridge. The cafe prides itself on its tasty coffee, and our recommendation, along with many reviews that you can find online, proves that this cafe’s coffee is delicious.

The cafe is in a perfect location where you could stop off during a cycle around the area and enjoy a sweet treat, some cabinet food, or a lunch or breakfast option with your coffee.


46 Victoria Street, Cambridge

Paddock Cafe offers fresh and tasty coffee and gourmet food for when you are on the go. Paddock has created a vibrant, relaxing atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating options. It is the perfect spot to go when looking for good coffee, a quality menu, and local gourmet food options.

Anything you order will be ready to take away, so the convenience provided at Paddock is unmatched. The cafe offers many vegetarian options and has a smoothie menu if you fancy something other than coffee.

Suburban Kitchen

25 Robinson Street, Cambridge

Suburban Kitchen is a fabulous cafe operated by the local catering company, Gourmet Delicious, tucked away in the suburbs of Cambridge. The cafe has a retro and cosy vibe, with indoor and outdoor seating. The cafe offers Vivace Coffee, a delicious coffee brand.

If you come for lunch, there is an extensive range of cabinet food and a brunch and lunch menu, and all their food is made with fresh ingredients. The cafe also has a delicious selection of sweet treats like brioche rolls, doughnuts, slices, and more to pair with your superb coffee.


22B Empire Street, Cambridge

Crave is a Cambridge Cafe specialising in healthy gluten-free food ready to go. Food comes ready to go; you can order online, or the cafe offers a delivery service. Crave offers organic coffee with beans from South America. They proudly say that their coffee is ethically sourced and that farms are paid fairly.

Crave works with both a sweet and bold blend of coffee full of chocolate and toffee notes. This coffee is very tasty, and anyone will love it, especially when paired with one of their healthy food options made from locally sourced ingredients.

This article has suggested the best places for your next ten coffees. Cambridge’s coffee culture is vibrant, exciting, and something to be a part of.

Our plumbers are a local group who love Cambridge and the cafe options. You can take our word for why these are the must-visit Cambridge cafes when looking for your perfect coffee.