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Drainage & Drain laying Services

Plumbnetix provide same day / next day drainage & drain laying services in Thames, Hauraki, Paeroa, Waihi & Whangamata.

What we do

Plumbnetix are your hot water cylinder specialists for all supply, installation, repair, and replacement. With more than 19 years of experience in the plumbing industry, we provide outstanding services and excellent customer support. We use top quality products and materials to ensure your hot water cylinder lasts.

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Drain Cleaning

Our drain cleaning service includes a thorough inspection of your drainage system to identify the cause and location of any blockages. We use advanced tools and techniques such as drain cameras and high-pressure water jetting to effectively remove clogs, grease, and debris from your pipes.

If there are root intrusions or scale buildup, we address those issues as well. Additionally, we offer maintenance advice to prevent future problems and provide prompt 24/7 emergency services for urgent drain issues.

With our expertise, we can ensure your drains function optimally, preventing disruptions and maintaining efficient wastewater flow.

  • Clogged drain inspection and unblocking
  • Root intrusion and debris removal
  • Pipe descaling - mineral and scale removal
  • Drain maintenance, repair and replacement
  • Drain odour identification and elimination

*The cylinder warranty is applicable for tanks manufactured after 1 June 2018.

drainage pipes ready for repair work

CCTV Camera & Video Inspection

Our CCTV Camera / Video Inspection services involve the use of closed-circuit television cameras to inspect drainage and sewer lines. These cameras navigate through the pipes, providing real-time video footage of the interior, helping identify blockages, cracks, leaks, and root intrusions.

The non-intrusive nature of the inspection ensures minimal disruption to the property, while the detailed analysis and comprehensive report offer accurate solutions for maintenance or repairs. Whether it’s problem diagnosis, routine maintenance, or pre-purchase drain surveys, our CCTV Camera / Video Inspection services provide precise and reliable information to keep your drainage system in optimal condition.

  • Non-intrusive inspections of your drain and sewer lines.
  • Real-time video footage of the interior.
  • Determine the overall condition of the pipes
  • Pre-purchase drain surveys or problem diagnosis
  • Time and cost effective with pinpoint accuracy
Drainage inspection camera
"We had a blocked drain. Riaan was here in about 30 minutes after my call. Worked in the rain to solve our problem. All fixed. For a reasonable price. Excellent friendly service. Would recommend to everyone." - Aman Mangat
Backhoe on road work digger working at construction in excavation pit

New Drainage Installation

As highly experienced drainage and drain laying contractors, Plumbnetix have the expertise and knowledge to design and install drainage systems tailored to your specific property and needs.

The process begins with a thorough assessment of the property and its drainage requirements, taking into account factors such as soil type, slope, and water flow patterns.

With a deep understanding of New Zealand’s unique geographical and environmental factors, I provide expert drainage solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

  • Expert solutions for the construction of efficient and reliable drainage systems from
  • Thorough site assessments to analyze soil types, water flow patterns, etc
  • Open communication with clients, ensuring they are informed about the progress
  • Reliable and effective drainage solutions that minimizes water-related risks, prevents flooding, and safeguards your property
  • Well-designed and properly functioning drainage systems tailored to the specific needs of the local environment.
sewerage pipe repairs

Sewer Line Repair

Plumbnetix use advanced techniques and equipment to inspect and identify the root cause of the problem, whether it’s blockages, root intrusions, cracks, or other issues.

We minimise disruption to your property by employing trenchless repair methods whenever possible, such as pipe relining or robotic cutting. If traditional excavation is required, it is done with care and efficiency to minimize impact.

All repairs comply with New Zealand’s health and safety regulations and local council requirements, ensuring a safe and reliable sewer line that meets the necessary standards.

  • Reliable and efficient sewer line repair services to address issues in residential, commercial, and industrial properties.
  • Plumbnetix respond promptly to assess and repair any sewer line issues you may encounter. to minimise disruption and health risks.
  • Repairs are carried out with high-quality materials and workmanship, ensuring long-lasting and reliable results.
  • Efficient repairs prevent the need for extensive replacements, saving you money in the long run.
  • Maintaining a well-functioning sewer line system contributes to preserving your property's value and preventing potential damages.
"Absolutely fantastic in our crisis, so prompt and efficient would highly recommend." - Nikki & Martin Keane

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Fast prompt service, would highly recommend. Thank you Plumbnetix, will be very happy to use your services again.

Mike Dowling

Excellent Plumber

Riaan is cheerful, responsive, efficient and an excellent plumber. Highly recommend.

Bruce Wilson

Fast Service

Riaan was very helpful and professional, squeezing the job in on the day I got in touch, which was very much appreciated.

Mat Ward

Reliable Service

Thank you for your assistance on very short notice. Reliable, cheerful, and efficient. Highly recommend.

Alvi Idicula


Efficient service every time we have used them. Thanks Plumbnetix!

Katie Williams


Absolutely fantastic in our crisis, so prompt, efficient, and professional. Would highly recommend it.

Nikki & Martin Keane

Amazing Work

Absolutely superb workmanship! I highly recommend this company. Riaan came out to fix an urgent plumbing issue and not only solved that problem to perfection but spotted a few other small leaks and sorted them out too.

Lisa Donaldson VdHeetkamp


Riaan did an amazing job fixing our kitchen leak. He even went above and beyond fixing the loose cover on one of the parts that we did not ask. Highly recommended!

Gara Rosales Regis

Best Service

Absolutely fantastic in our crisis, so prompt, efficient, and professional. Would highly recommend it.

Deirdre Donnelly

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