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How to Choose the Perfect Bathtub for Your Bathroom

Are you planning on buying a new bathtub? Before you do, measuring the specific dimensions of the bathroom space your new tub will call home is really crucial. Also, consider what different types and shapes of bathtubs could fit within that space before picking a model that perfectly matches the available area.

As plumbers in Thames, we know that bathroom design is a delicate art, and at its heart lies the essential choice of a bathtub. This decision isn’t just about utility; it’s also a key player in the aesthetics of your bathroom. To ensure your bathroom’s form and function are in perfect harmony, you must weigh several factors – from comfort to material quality, style, and ease of maintenance. 

This guide simplifies that process, offering expert advice to help you find the perfect bathtub for your space. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to the trusted local experts, Plumbnetix in Thames, known for their mastery in plumbing and bathroom renovations.

Comfort is Key

Comfort is a pivotal aspect of selecting the perfect bathtub, and your ultimate choice will often reflect your personal preferences and bathing habits. Finding the most comfortable bathtub style is similar to discovering a tailored fit for your bathing needs.

If you’re seeking a universally comfortable option, the freestanding soaking tub is a popular choice. These tubs are designed with indulgence in mind. They are deep and generously spacious, ensuring you have ample room to stretch out, fully relax, and savour a truly luxurious bathing experience. 

Imagine sinking into a hot bath, submerging yourself in warm water, and letting the day’s worries melt away. That’s the kind of comfort a freestanding soaking tub can provide.

The design of these tubs allows you to immerse yourself completely, supporting your head and neck comfortably while you soak. 

The absence of bulky attachments or confined spaces creates a sense of freedom that’s hard to beat. It’s like having a personal spa right in your bathroom, making it an ideal choice for unwinding and pampering yourself at the end of a long day. Whether you prefer to soak in silence or with a good book, a freestanding soaking tub provides the perfect sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Quality Matters

When it comes to bathtub materials, quality is paramount. Your choice of material can significantly impact not only the bathtub’s longevity but also your overall bathing experience.

Two top contenders in the quality department are cast iron and acrylic. Cast iron tubs are renowned for their exceptional durability and bring a timeless, classic charm. These tubs can endure the test of time, withstanding wear and tear without losing their aesthetic appeal. Their sturdiness ensures you can enjoy years of luxurious baths without worrying about chips or cracks.

On the other hand, acrylic tubs offer a different set of advantages. They are lighter, making them easier to install and handle during renovations. 

Acrylic tubs are also more budget-friendly, making them an excellent choice for those looking for quality without breaking the bank. What’s more, they excel in heat retention, ensuring your bathwater stays warm and inviting for longer periods, enhancing your relaxation.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the quality of the finish and craftsmanship are equally significant in determining a bathtub’s performance and durability. Regardless of the material, a well-made tub will stand up to daily use and maintain its lustre for years to come. 

So, when evaluating quality, don’t just consider the material but also the manufacturer’s reputation and the overall build quality of the bathtub.

In your quest for the perfect bathtub, assess the advantages and drawbacks of each material and prioritise the qualities that matter most to you and your bathing experience.

Bathtub Style Trends

Bathroom design is an ever-evolving canvas where past and present artistry come together to shape the latest trends. In 2023, and at Plumbnetix Plumbers in Thames, we see a fusion of traditional and modern aesthetics, resulting in some captivating bathtub styles.

Clawfoot Tubs

Timeless classics never fade into obscurity, which is great for a region like Thames, where classic older-style homes are common. The iconic clawfoot tub is no exception. These elegant, vintage bathtubs continue to captivate the hearts of homeowners. 

Their distinguished appearance brings an air of sophistication and charm to any bathroom. With their raised feet and smooth curves, clawfoot tubs provide comfort and a captivating centrepiece that complements a range of design styles, from traditional to eclectic.

Japanese Soaking Tubs

Compact and deep Japanese soaking tubs offer a unique blend of practicality and modern minimalism. Perfect for smaller bathrooms, these tubs provide a space-saving solution without compromising on comfort. Their simplicity in design is a breath of fresh air, promoting a tranquil and zen-like atmosphere. With a Japanese soaking tub, you can enjoy a deep soak and unwind in a beautifully designed, compact space.

Freestanding Modern Tubs

Clean lines and contemporary design are the hallmarks of freestanding modern tubs. In 2023, these tubs are gaining popularity for their sleek, minimalist look, transforming your bathroom into a spa-like oasis. With a wide array of shapes and materials to choose from, you can select a freestanding tub that aligns perfectly with your bathroom’s aesthetic. Their stand-alone nature allows for more flexible placement, allowing you to create a functional and visually striking bathroom.

As you explore these bathtub trends, consider your personal style and the overall ambience you wish to create in your bathroom. Whether it’s the timeless allure of clawfoot tubs, the space-saving practicality of Japanese soaking tubs, or the modern elegance of freestanding tubs, there’s a style bound to resonate with your vision of the perfect bathroom and as expert plumbers in Thames who specialise in bathroom renovations, we are here to help you make these choices.

Bathtub Easy-to-Clean Choices 

When it comes to your bathtub, cleanliness is paramount for both hygiene and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. The ease of cleaning is often a significant consideration when choosing the right tub for your space.

Enameled Steel Bathtubs

If you’re looking for a stain-resistant option that’s also easy to clean, enamelled steel bathtubs are an excellent choice. Their smooth, non-porous surface naturally resists staining and the accumulation of grime. This quality makes them an ideal pick for those who want a low-maintenance bathtub and easy to keep looking immaculate. 

The non-abrasive, mild cleaners recommended for enamelled steel tubs can effortlessly wipe away any dirt or residue, leaving your bathtub sparkling clean. With their durability and resistance to stains, enamelled steel bathtubs can maintain their pristine appearance for years to come.

Acrylic Bathtubs

Acrylic tubs are another easy-to-clean option. Their smooth, non-porous surface shares similarities with enamelled steel, making them resistant to stains and grime buildup. The cleaning process is relatively straightforward. Regular maintenance with non-abrasive, mild cleaners will help ensure your acrylic bathtub remains in pristine condition. Acrylic bathtubs are known for their stain-resistant qualities, and with proper care, they can maintain their original shine and cleanliness.

What Is The Most Durable Material For A Bathtub Surround?

As plumbers in Thames who specialise in bathroom renovations, we often get asked about what’s best for bathroom surfaces. When it comes to the bathtub surround, durable materials such as tile stone and solid surface materials like cultured marble or engineered quartz are top choices. These materials are known for their resilience in wet environments, with the added benefit of being easy to clean. Tiles, for instance, offer a wide range of design options, allowing you to create a surround that complements your bathtub and bathroom decor. Solid surface materials are highly durable and provide a seamless, low-maintenance surface for your bathtub’s surroundings. Ultimately, the choice depends on your style preferences and budget. Still, durability and ease of cleaning should be key considerations in your decision-making process.

Freestanding or Alcove?

The choice between a freestanding and an alcove bathtub largely depends on your bathroom layout and your personal preferences.

Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding tubs are not attached to any walls and are often placed in the bathroom’s centre, creating a striking focal point. They require more space and are ideal for bathrooms with ample room to spare, allowing you to showcase the bathtub as a piece of art. This option offers a spa-like experience with a wide range of styles and materials to choose from, making it perfect for those who prioritise aesthetics and have spacious bathrooms.

Alcove Bathtub

Alcove bathtubs are designed to fit within three walls, which is a practical choice for bathrooms with limited space. They are usually more budget-friendly and offer a range of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. 

Alcove tubs are ideal for smaller bathrooms where space optimisation is crucial, as they make the most of the available room while providing a comfortable bathing experience. When it comes to these bathtubs, they come in various sizes, so it’s essential to measure your bathroom space before taking the plunge. 

Consider the tub’s dimensions and the space around it for a harmonious fit. And for those intrigued by the allure of a whirlpool alcove bathtub, the number and placement of jets are worth pondering. Not all bathtubs are created equal when it comes to jets. Also, think about how many jets you desire and their placement, as it influences the massaging effect, making your bath genuinely therapeutic.

How Much Space Do You Have for a Bathtub?

The available space in your bathroom is a fundamental factor when choosing a bathtub. Measure your bathroom’s dimensions carefully, and take into account the layout of fixtures and other essential elements. Consider not only the floor space but also the height and width of the bathroom. This will help you determine whether a freestanding or alcove tub fits your space better.

What’s Your Bathtub Style?

Your personal style and bathroom’s overall aesthetic play a significant role in choosing the right bathtub. Whether you prefer a classic, vintage, modern, or minimalist look, there are numerous bathtub styles and materials to complement your design preferences. 

Remember that your bathtub’s style should harmonise with the rest of your bathroom decor, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing environment.

What about Who Needs Access?

Consider the needs of all individuals who will be using the bathtub. If you have family members with limited mobility, an alcove bathtub might be a more practical choice, as it allows for easy access and can be equipped with safety features. 

Freestanding tubs, while luxurious, may have higher sides that can be challenging for individuals with mobility issues. It’s essential to prioritise safety and accessibility, especially if individuals with specific needs will use the bathtub.

For more complex bathroom renovation projects, including bathtub installation or plumbing needs, it’s advisable to seek professional help. 

In Thames, Plumbnetix is a trusted name in plumbing and bathroom renovations. Their expertise in plumbing ensures that your new bathtub installation will be done efficiently and seamlessly.


Choosing the perfect bathtub is a blend of practicality and aesthetics. At Plumbnetix Plumbers in Thames, we are experts in plumbing and bathroom renovations. We understand the significance of this decision.

Consider comfort, quality, and style when making your choice. Freestanding soaking tubs offer universal comfort, while cast iron and acrylic stand out for quality. Bathroom design trends in 2023 range from timeless clawfoot tubs to modern freestanding options.

Easy-to-clean materials like enamelled steel and acrylic simplify maintenance. Your decision should consider space, style, and accessibility. Trust Plumbnetix for complex bathroom projects.

Balance comfort, quality, and style in your quest for the perfect bathtub. Your dream bathroom is a well-chosen tub away, and we’re here to assist you at every step. For all your plumbing services in Thames, Hauraki, Waihi and Cambridge. Talk to us at Plumbnetix now.