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6 Excellent Ways Plumbing Makes Your Bathroom More Efficient

Plumbnetix are Tairua & Pauanui plumbers who know that an efficient and sustainable bathroom can transform your home into a green home. Greenhouses and buildings aim to create spaces that minimise and counteract any harm to the environment. They integrate efficient practices into their infrastructure to reduce energy and water consumption.

When it comes to bathrooms, they are responsible for a significant portion, approximately 70 percent, of a household’s daily water usage. Therefore, occupants need to exercise vigilance in water conservation when using baths or showers.

Unintentional escalation of water consumption can occur due to issues such as undetected leaks in taps and toilets and the neglect of outdated plumbing infrastructure within the bathroom. Diligent attention to these factors ensures optimal water efficiency in domestic settings.

At Plumbnetix, we can provide and integrate different water-efficient systems into bathrooms, minimising your home’s overall water waste. More homes within Cambridge are continuing to find ways to improve their household efficiency and ease their energy consumption due to growing environmental concerns.

With the cost of living skyrocketing, improving energy consumption is a vital strategy to lower utility bills and save money for households.

Plumbnetix is a Tairua & Pauanui plumbing company that can help implement and integrate the following solutions within your bathroom to reduce the home’s overall water consumption.

By implementing the following ideas, you will save water, reducing your home’s negative environmental impact. And as Tairua and Pauanui’s water rates can be high, these tips will also reduce your water and energy bills.

Install Water-Efficient Fixtures

There are many different versions of water-efficient fixtures that you can implement to improve the water usage in your bathroom. These include smart taps, touchless taps, metering taps, and low-flow aerator taps.

Touchless Taps

A touchless tap has sensors that pick up motion to start and stop the water flow. These taps are designed to limit and monitor water usage and minimise potential water waste.

Metering Taps

You can also install metering taps that dispense water for a set time before automatically turning off. These options eliminate unnecessary water flow.

Low-Flow Aerator Taps

Lastly, low-flow aerator taps reduce the water flow from regular taps by about 3-6 litres per minute. They are designed to dispense air and water simultaneously to reduce water usage without affecting the water pressure.

Installing any of these taps means your household can save around 20 percent of its water usage.

Choose A Water-Efficient Toilet

Another interesting plumbing fact is that a standard toilet in New Zealand uses 6-10 litres of water per flush, whereas water-efficient toilets can use around 3-5 litres of water per flush. There are multiple water-efficient toilets, such as dual flush toilets, low-flow toilets, and gravity or pressure-assisted toilets.

So, when choosing which toilet to buy, look for a toilet with at least a 4-star WELS rating (Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme). These toilets will use minimal water and save you the most money.

Choose A Low-Flow Showerhead

When it comes to showers, a standard showerhead uses about 12-18 litres of water per minute. While low-flow shower heads can save up to 50% of this water consumption.

Consequently, less water usage will result in less energy consumption, as less water will be required to be heated up. With new technology, a low-flow showerhead does not mean low pressure.

These showerheads still have a firm pressure through the airflow and small apertures working together to create a robust and enjoyable water pressure. If you are still deciding what showerhead to choose, we can help you determine what will best fit your needs.

Rheem Low Pressure Vitreous Enamel hot water cylinders

Choose An Efficient Hot Water Cylinder System

Another water-saving tip is to install a quality hot water cylinder system. That can improve the efficiency of the overall household, including the bathroom.

There are multiple kinds of hot water cylinder systems, some more energy efficient than others. These systems ensure less power and water is wasted when hot water is required, like having a shower.

Hot water cylinders can be efficient and typically have a long life due to the durable materials which they are made from.

When it comes to hot water cylinders, Plumbnetix installs reliable New Zealand hot water cylinders. Some of the cylinders we install include:

  • Mains Pressure Vitreous Enamel Cylinders
  • Mains Pressure Stainless Steel Cylinders
  • Low-Pressure Vitreous Enamel Cylinders
  • Low-Pressure Copper Cylinders

You can trust that these cylinders will be of high quality and have exceptional performance. Our plumbers in Tairua and Pauanui install all of these cylinders, and they are guaranteed to be energy efficient.

Talk To Your Tairua and Pauanui Plumbers About Recycling Grey Water

Did you know that the water from household sinks, baths, showers, dishwashers, tubs, and washing machines is called grey water?

Recycling this grey water can help decrease water usage from main water supplies and minimise the amount of water entering sewers or on-site treatment systems. Both benefits impact your household and the broader community by putting less stress on the central water systems.

As your local Tairua and Pauanui plumber, we can help set up and maintain a grey water reuse system that will collect and treat the water and direct it to the toilet. Using it for flushing the toilet or leading the water outside to be used for gardening.

Also, grey water is collected year-round. So your gardens can continue to be watered and maintained when water usage restrictions are implemented over the dry months.

And because grey water is not coming from the central systems, water restrictions will not apply. Unlike water from the main systems, grey water will not be measured. So using this water does not add anything to your water bill.

Our Tairua and Pauanui Plumbers Focus On Proper Installation

Ensuring the proper installation of plumbing can impact the sustainability and efficiency of bathrooms. As a local Tairua and Pauanui plumber, we know that we need to use high-quality and durable materials. And be able to provide the correct installation techniques that have been applied.

Proper installation prevents leaks, unnecessary water flow, and damage. It can also prevent mould and improve energy efficiency. Proper installation techniques ensure your bathroom will work smoothly every day. Reducing the chance of something breaking and, therefore, the risk of you needing to call us in an emergency situation at Plumbnetix. Your local emergency plumber in Tairua and Pauanui.

Are You Thinking About Implementing Some Of These Ideas?

By implementing new technology, multiple fixtures and systems can be integrated to improve bathroom and household efficiency. At Plumbnetix, we are committed to providing the best service and top-quality plumbing within Tairua and Pauanui and the wider region.

Whether you are entirely installing or renovating your bathroom. Or looking to make small changes and update tired tapware and fixtures, our suggestions will significantly impact your bathroom’s efficiency and minimise energy and water consumption.

We recommend you look at implementing our recommendations in your home. As investing in quality bathroom ware and plumbing helps households save money on utility bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

At Plumbnetix we cover the Thames, Hauraki, Coromandel, Waihi, Tairua & Pauanui regions. Talk to us now about how we can help you with your plumbing issues.

Contact us at Plumbnetix today, and our Tairua and Pauanui plumbers will provide proactive solutions. That will maximise your home’s bathroom efficiency.

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